Brian Setzer deserves plenty of credit -- for the '80s rockabilly revival with the Stray Cats, the swing revival of the '90s with the Brian Setzer Orchestra and classics like "Rock This Town." But on "Rockabilly Riot! All Original" (Surfdog), the Massapequa native reminds us what a crafty lyricist he is, spinning memorable rockabilly tales about the Elvis-influenced "Calamity Jane," Flatfoot Sam (who went "looking for a job down in Alabam' " in "Vinyl Records") and the car-obsessed narrator of "I Shoulda Had a V-8." He's at his best in "The Girl With the Blues in Her Eyes," where he channels Gene Vincent filtered through Paul McCartney for a should-be classic.


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"Rockabilly Riot! All Original"


BOTTOM LINE Finding a cool future in rockabilly's past.