Cher Lloyd arrived in America in 2012, a brash, pop star-in-training discovered on the British version of "X Factor" by Simon Cowell. On her sophomore album "Sorry, I'm Late" (Epic), Lloyd, 20, has clearly grown up, getting married to boyfriend Craig Monk and splitting from Cowell's label. Her single "I Wish," featuring T.I., is the bridge from her first album, still sassy and slightly unpredictable over a '70s-styled beat. The sleek, emotional Kelly-Clarkson-influenced midtempo ballad "Sirens" is another nice surprise, showing a more serious side. Unfortunately, most of "Sorry," doesn't hold up. It's well-crafted, but devoid of any personality -- a shame considering Lloyd has such a winning one.


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"Sorry, I'm Late"


BOTTOM LINE State-of-the-art, but slightly antiseptic pop