Cole Swindell got his big break in show business while he was selling T-shirts at Luke Bryan concerts for three years. But his debut, "Cole Swindell" (Warner Nashville), is so accomplished that it's clear he took good notes while Bryan was onstage. His first single, "Chillin' It," is cool and clever, while keeping everything laid-back and likable. That's a considerable part of Swindell's regular-guy charm, which he rolls out in stories about concertgoing ("Swayin' "), hanging out at the bar ("Brought to You by Beer") and breakups ("Ain't Worth the Whiskey"). However, detail-filled tales like the well-crafted "Dozen Roses & a Six-Pack" show Swindell is set for country stardom.


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"Cole Swindell"


BOTTOM LINE Diving straight into the country mainstream.