'Goldenheart' review: Snoozy dance music

Dawn Richard releases "Goldenheart" Jan. 15, 2013. Dawn Richard releases "Goldenheart" Jan. 15, 2013. Photo Credit: Handout

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Dawn Richard, former star of Diddy-sanctioned groups Danity Kane and Dirty Money, seemed to have it all together -- a distinctive voice, a strong point of view and a thirst for forward-thinking music. However, somewhere between last year's acclaimed EP "Armor On" and Richard's debut solo album, "Goldenheart" (Our Dawn/Cheartbreaker), something went awry.

She still has a strong voice, as seen on the up-tempo "Gleaux" and "Pretty Wicked Things," but it lacks some of the fire that she had back when she was working with Diddy. When you can't even sound excited on a song called "Riot," you've got a problem.

Dawn Richard

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BOTTOM LINE Dance music that's stylish but slightly snoozy

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