If you go by its singles, Jennifer Lopez's "A.K.A." (Capitol) is a great return to form, with the bouncy "First Love" capturing some of the lighthearted dance-pop charm of songs from "On the 6," and "I Luh Ya Papi" breaking some new from-the-block styles.

"Booty" -- yeah, she went there -- is just as edgy and, um, in your face, as is the soon-to-be-anthem "TENS." But "A.K.A." also has some terrible songs, like the ill-fitting ballad "Let It Be Me," where J.Lo's vocals sound thin and strained, a problem that hurts the midtempo "So Good" and the ballad "Emotions." The quality swings of "A.K.A" make you wonder if J.Lo knows who she's trying to be.

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BOTTOM LINE An uneven mix of high-end and bargain-basement pop.