After claiming on Twitter that he is $53 million in debt and beseeching Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg for a billion dollars, rapper Kanye West continued posting a frenzied set of tweets Sunday demanding help, positing that he is “this generation’s Disney” and adding Google co-founder Larry Page to the mix.

“Mark Zuckerberg I know it’s your bday,” West wrote Sunday, confusing Feb. 14 with Zuckerberg’s actual birthday of May 14, “but can you please call me by 2mrw . . . You love hip hop, you love my art . . . I am your favorite artist but you watch me barely breathe and still play my album in your house . . . World, please tweet, FaceTime, Facebook, instagram, whatever you gotta do to get Mark to support me . . . ”

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West, 38, went on to say, “I’m this generation’s Disney,” evidently referring to the late Walt Disney, as The Walt Disney Company continues to exist in this generation.

“I don’t have enough resources to create what I really can,” he wrote. “Mark, I am publicly asking you for help . . . one of the coolest things you could ever do is to help me in my time of need and I will always respect you for that and the world will love you . . . ”

Amid other tweets, West turned to Google’s co-founder to say, “hey Larry Page I’m down for your help too . . . All you dudes in San Fran play rap music in your homes but never help the real artists . . . you’d rather open up one school in Africa like you really helped the country,” he added, erroneously referring to the African continent as a “country.” “If you want to help . . . help me . . . All you guys had meetings with me and no one lifted a finger to help.”

Neither Zuckerberg nor Page has a Twitter account.