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THE INTERRUPTION (2009): When Kanye West hijacked Taylor
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THE INTERRUPTION (2009): When Kanye West hijacked Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for best female video to represent for Beyonce's "Single Ladies," he defined himself as an outsider and Swift as America's wronged sweetheart. "I'mma let you finish" became a catch phrase and West was labeled a "jackass" by President Obama.(Credit: AP)

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MTV VMAs 15 most shocking moments

MTV’s Video Music Awards has always been different.
Even as it celebrates its 30th telecast on Sunday night, the VMAs plan of action remains the same. They want to create the performances and set the scene for the unpredictable moments that get people talking. Oh, and they want to hand out some awards too.
The show prides itself on surprising the audience, with planned, though unannounced, events like Jay Z and Kanye West’s only televised performance as The Throne in 2011, or the television debut of Axl Rose and the new version of Guns ‘n’ Roses in 2002. However, it also celebrates the moments no one saw coming, like when beefs boil over (Kid Rock and Tommy Lee actually came to blows over Pamela Anderson in 2007) or when Courtney Love threw her compact at Madonna while she was being interviewed.
So many of those moments were water cooler talk – or, more recently, Twitter trends – the next day, but to make it onto list of the VMAs’ most shocking moments, they have to be stories that still seem unbelievable years later. -- GLENN GAMBOA