Pete Fornatale's final book will likely cause mixed emotions -- and not just because it's about the Stones.

The legendary radio DJ was still working on "50 Licks: Myths and Stories from Half a Century of the Rolling Stones" when he died last April after suffering a stroke. So there's that recurring sadness when you realize the longtime Port Washington resident did not make it to one of his favorite band's most recent shows on the "50 and Counting" tour. As the song goes, "Time Waits for No One."

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But equally hard-core fans of the group will no doubt want to spend some time together with the 277-page book (Bloomsbury; $17), co-authored by Bernard Corbett and one of Fornatale's sons, Peter. "50 Licks" is an oral history / photo album / observation of Mick, Keef and the boys. Pulled together with transcribed Fornatale archives and new interviews, the book's chapters -- 50 of them, each named after a Stones song -- are a love note to Brits who named themselves after a Muddy Waters song.

So, for serious fans, it's time to get yer ya-yas out. Again.