Sade's new single "Soldier of Love," her first new music in nine years, marks her triumphant return, with her soothing voice resolutely floating over a hip-hop framework and some jagged guitar bursts. It's a promising way to drum up interest in the forthcoming "Soldier of Love" album due in February.

Of course, Wanda Sykes may be an even better promotional machine. She opened her monologue Saturday night [Sorry about the Hulu link, but Fox has blocked it from YouTube. The monologue starts at 2 minutes in.] gushing about the singer, calling the album, "The best Black History Month gift ever."

"She tortures us," Sykes said. "She only puts out an album like every eight or nine years. It's like being an Oakland Raiders fan waiting for Al Davis to go to that black hole in the sky... She just emerges just long enough to make an album and then she returns to her home planet, Planet Beautiful -- where everyone looks like Sade and the sun sets 100 times a day."


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