Shelby Lynne's 'Tears, Lies and Alibis'

CD art cover titled "Tears, Lies, And Alibis" CD art cover titled "Tears, Lies, And Alibis" by Shelby Lynne. Photo Credit: Handout

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Shelby Lynne can do it all, and she proves it on "Tears, Lies and Alibis" (Everso). Even though it's the first time she's written, sung and produced all the songs - and then released them on her own label - her 11th album doesn't fall into the traps of many artists with total control. Instead, Lynne shows how well she knows herself, letting the lovely, country-soul "Alibi" unspool perfectly and slipping into a nice groove on "Why Didn't You Call Me," before unveiling the poignant "Loser Dreamer" and securing her strongest album in a decade.


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"Tears, Lies and Alibis"


BOTTOM LINE Pure, untouched Shelby Lynne country

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