Obsessed with Mariah Carey? Wished you could have seen her shows at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas last month?

Well, you can. Sort of.

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For a fee of $9.99 you will be able to watch a concert stream of the show, dubbed "Mariah Carey Live In Las Vegas," on Saturday. You can watch it anytime until Jan. 15, but there's a big catch: It's a one-time stream that's viewable on one device only (you can order it to watch on your computer or Internet-enabled mobile phone).

"Fans from all over the world can now share the excitement of a live concert, wherever, whenever, and on whatever digital device they choose," Steve Bartels, president and chief operating officer at Island Def Jam Music Group, said in a statement.

The virtual concert tickets are available by texting "Mariah" to 313131, through Carey's official site, Mariah Carey.com or by going to iviago.com.