Superchunk 'FOH' review: A carefree single

The members of the band Superchunk.

The members of the band Superchunk. (Credit: Jason Arthurs)

Superchunk's new single, "FOH" (Merge), may be the most carefree, upbeat song ever written about pre-gig fretting. "FOH" stands for "front of house," or, in live music terms, where the audience is. The song is a tribute to the scrappiness of Superchunk, one of a handful of '90s D.I.Y. bands who really did do it themselves. Singer Mac McCaughan keeps asking, "How's everything at the front of the house?" and keeps getting responses like, "The drums exploded and our amps are down," but, in the end, they triumph with a positive attitude and soaring guitar solos. As it should be.

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