Jason DeRulo tries too hard at the wrong things. He is a good singer and songwriter, but remember how he sang his own name in every song? Yeah, he's that guy.

On "Talk Dirty" (Warner Bros.), despite already having hits with the title track and "The Other Side," his gimmick is cornering the market on sex-themed pop songs. There's "Wiggle," where Snoop Dogg offers pickup lines. There's "Bubblegum" with Tyga about "ghetto booties." There's "Zipper" about, well, zippers. And to complete the pandering, following "Stupid Love," a blatant Justin Timberlake rip-off, he ends with a sweet marriage proposal "Marry Me." Yeah, that's believable.

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"Talk Dirty"


BOTTOM LINE A sex-obsessed album that isn't very sexy.