If you’ve purchased tickets on Ticketmaster in the past 17 years, you might want to check your account.

As part of a settlement in a lawsuit that accused the company’s fees of being “deceptive and misleading” Ticketmaster is now offering discounts and potential free ticket vouchers for anyone who purchased tickets between Oct. 21, 1999 and Feb. 27, 2013.

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Customers are expected to receive one $2.25 discount code per purchase made during that time period. The code can be redeemed on future purchases and doesn’t expire until 2020. Customers who used UPS to have tickets delivered in that time period are also expected to receive an additional $5 discount code that can be used on future UPS charges on Ticketmaster purchases.

Customers should also receive a voucher potentially redeemable for two free concert tickets. These will only be usable if customers redeem less than $10.5 million per year in the previously mentioned discount codes. If that happens, customers will be able to use the vouchers for a limited number of tickets to certain events hosted at Live Nation-owned venues, that will eventually be listed here.

For more information on the suit, click here.