Trey Songz, 'Chapter V' aims to please

This CD cover image released by Atlantic Records This CD cover image released by Atlantic Records shows "Chapter V," the latest release by Trey Songz. Photo Credit: AP

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Trey Songz seemingly wants to please everyone on "Chapter V" (Atlantic). He's got his well-crafted swaggering songs that show off most of his A-level guests, including Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and Diddy, but end up kind of demeaning. (In "2 Reasons," which features T.I., Songz repeats a derogatory term for women so many times it's like a mantra.) And he's got his soaring soul ballads designed to win those women back -- including the '70s throwback "Without a Woman" and the rockish anthem "Simply Amazing." It's the kind of pandering you'd expect from a newbie on "Chapter 1," but for "Chapter 5," it's just lame hedging.


"Chapter V"


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BOTTOM LINE Songz sends mixed R&B messages

---Glen Gamboa

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