Trey Songz seemingly wants to please everyone on "Chapter V" (Atlantic). He's got his well-crafted swaggering songs that show off most of his A-level guests, including Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and Diddy, but end up kind of demeaning. (In "2 Reasons," which features T.I., Songz repeats a derogatory term for women so many times it's like a mantra.) And he's got his soaring soul ballads designed to win those women back -- including the '70s throwback "Without a Woman" and the rockish anthem "Simply Amazing." It's the kind of pandering you'd expect from a newbie on "Chapter 1," but for "Chapter 5," it's just lame hedging.


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"Chapter V"


BOTTOM LINE Songz sends mixed R&B messages

---Glen Gamboa