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2012 Super Bowl commercials: Cadillac, Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai

Toyota Motor Corp.'s sales rose 7.5 percent on

Toyota Motor Corp.'s sales rose 7.5 percent on strong demand for the new Camry, which went on sale in October. (Aug. 23, 2011) (Credit: AP )

Expect Super Bowl ads to be dominated by the automotive industry this year. Here is a collection, including some of the commercials you'll see on Sunday. 


There's a small “ha!“ moment at the very end of this commercial. Otherwise, it's just your average car ad. 


After reinventing the Camry, Toyota decided to keep reinventing things. See what they came up with.

This one won't make you laugh. But it's dripping wet with sweetness. I dare you not to say, "awww!“



This is a pretty epic tease of an ad. It makes you excited for the longer version. 


In all CPR classes, they teach you the key to bringing someone back to life when they pass out in your car is to slam on your brakes and speed up in a repetitive motion. Oh, wait, they don't? Hyundai, you have once again deceived me!



If all offices could sound like this, I would be more pumped to come into work. 


Nothing beats a high-pitched girl scream. Well done, Hyundai, well done. 


I saved the weakest of Hyundai commercials for last. This one is just OK. 


We will continue to update this as the ads filter out. So be sure to check back frequently. Until then, take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite spots from last year's game here

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