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30 must-read celebrity biographies

16. JUST JACKIE: Her Private Years By Edward

16. JUST JACKIE: Her Private Years
By Edward Klein (Ballantine)
OK — journalist (and Jackie pal) Klein is clearly k-k-k-krazy for the Kennedys (having written no less than five books on members of the clan). Folks seem to love or hate this book and all its insider dirt: Onassis putting the moves on Jackie 48 hours after Dallas; her make-out sessions with Brando; and those rumors about her and Sinatra, or Bobby Kennedy? No, she didn’t sleep with them, Klein asserts. (Credit: AP, 1975)

It’s hard to resist a juicy celebrity biography. Which may explain why the now-ubiquitous Betty White has four — and just signed a book deal to write two more (a memoir, due out in 2011, and a book about her love of animals, for 2012).

This fall the pressure’s really on bio lovers — teen idol Justin Bieber’s autobiography, “First Step 2 Forever,” hits shelves in October; “Decision Points,” by George W. Bush,” lands in November. Who do ya suppose will sell more in the first week?

Bieber, for sure, say 79 percent of respondents (2,505 so far) in an ongoing text-your-answer poll at Predicto.com. Not surprising, given the texting demographic.

But it got us to thinking — what are the best celeb bios worth reading? Counting down to No. 1, here are 30 top picks, some informative and inspirational, some trashy and totally outrageous. In other words, something for everybody.

30 must-read celebrity biographies


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