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Cabela's Big Game Hunter : From the bar to your living room

Cabela's Big Game Hunter

Cabela's Big Game Hunter (Credit: Activision)

Big Game Hunter – its ranks up there with the nudie touch screen, boxing arcade, and watching six of your buddies ‘dancing’ ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ with one unsuspecting girl – as one of the top non-drinking activities you can do at a bar.

Now, you can wield that plastic shotgun and release you inner badass from the comfort of your own living room with Activision’s latest installment of ‘Cabela’s Big Game Hunter’ for the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 copies runs at $39, while The Wii version comes into two forms, $39 for just the game and $49 for the Top Shot peripheral bundle.

I got the chance to play the ‘Cabela’s Big Game Hunter” for the Wii and was impressed how it held up to its arcade predecessor.

The gun is surprisingly sturdy. The Wii Remote and Nunchuk fit seamlessly into the gun. The Nunchuk snaps into the handle and is used for both the trigger and player movement. The Wii Remote fits into the barrel, which is used primarily to aim.



The Wii version is also the only one that features 13 arcade style shooting galleries that can track the progress of up to four players at a time. Players can take aim at bears, ducks, deer, and dozens of more game.

There is also a career mode “where you play as outdoorsman Jack Wilde, who seeks global "Super Hunter" status as he travels across five continents seeking to bag the world's largest trophies.”

This is just based off first impressions, but personally I don’t see myself spending much time in career mode. ‘Cabela’s Big Game Hunter’ is one of those ‘relive those bar night scenes’ from the comfort of your own home with your friends. Player’s will probably spend some time playing as Jack Wilde, but mostly they’ll be trying to one up the high score on the bear body count.

Check back next week for the 'Cabela's Gig Game Hunter' review at Newsday.com/technology.



Check out the video for some game play footage (hunting attire forced on…I mean provided by my boss, Mark La Monica).

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