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'Chinese Food' song by 'Friday' producer Patrice Wilson: Offensive or simply terrible?

Alison Gold in the music video for "Chinese

Alison Gold in the music video for "Chinese Food," by "Friday" producer Patrice Wilson. (Credit: Patrice Wilson via YouTube)

If you thought the worst possible song in music history was "Friday" by Rebecca Black, you were wrong.

Patrice Wilson, the producer of that 2011 so-bad-it's-awful song, hopes to hit the viral video jackpot once again with "Chinese Food," sung by another relatively unknown teeny bopper, Alison Gold.

The lyrics, the autotune, the fact that it will be stuck in your head ALL day -- everything about the song is downright horrendous. But the music video (in which Wilson dresses up in a panda costume, squints his eyes, and plays Monopoly with pre-teen girls) is being called offensive by some, and racist by others.

Watch the video below (if you dare) and tell us: Is "Chinese Food" even worse than "Friday"?

(Mobile/app readers watch here: http://bit.ly/1gI08wx)

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