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Christopher Palu excelling on 'Project Runway'

Christopher Palu works on his 10th "Project Runway"

Christopher Palu works on his 10th "Project Runway" challenge, designing an outfit for the Rockettes. (Credit: Lifetime)

After winning his third challenge on "Project Runway," Massapequa's Christopher Palu has moved on to the final six.

For his most recent win, the 24-year-old designer incorporated a bit of home: the New York City skyline. The challenge of designing a Rockettes costume came with an added bonus for Palu, as the dancers will wear his silver-and-nude outfit at a forcoming performance.

Palu had previously won another challenge with real-world consequences: a blush pink and black gown that is now for sale at Lord and Taylor.

Another contestant from Long Island, Andrea Katz, 58, was eliminated in August. Originally from Oceanside, she now lives in Manhattan.

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