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Jackie Chan eyes 'The Expendables 3'

Actor Jackie Chan at the 66th Annual Cannes

Actor Jackie Chan at the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France. The martial-arts star is considering a role in "The Expendables 3," according to Deadline.com. (May 16, 2013) (Credit: Getty Images)

Martial-arts star Jackie Chan is considering a role in "The Expendables 3," according to Deadline.com.

The site reports that Chan is one of several actors, along with Nicolas Cage, Milla Jovovich and Wesley Snipes, who are in "advanced negotiations" with Lionsgate, according to the studio's chief executive, Jon Feltheimer.

The film would be a departure for Chan, who has almost completely avoided firing or even holding guns in his films. In America, he is best known for his lighthearted "Rush Hour" movies and family-friendly fare such as "The Spy Next Door" and 2010's "The Karate Kid." By contrast, Sylvester Stallone's "Expendables" films are R-rated action films known for their paramilitary-style gun battles and extremely bloody violence.

News of Chan's potential role in "The Expendables 3" comes on the heels of a minor controversy for the actor. Late last year, Chan claimed that in the past he protected himself from Chinese organized crime members called Triads by carrying several weapons.

"They opened fire at me once I got off the aeroplane," Chan said, according to the South China Morning Post. "From that moment on, I needed to carry a gun every day when I went out." The paper also quoted him as saying, "I was holding a gun, with two more guns inside my coat . . . Eventually, I confronted them with two guns and six grenades."

Chan was reportedly investigated by Hong Kong police over the comments but was not charged with any crime.

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