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Real 'Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort loses temper, walks out of interview: Video

Jordan Belfort, the real-life "Wolf of Wall Street," in an interview with Australia's "60 Minutes."

If the Leonardo DiCaprio film didn't convince you that "wolf" is an appropriate nickname for Jordan Belfort, this interview might.

Appearing on Australia's "60 Minutes," Belfort, the former stockbroker and real-life "Wolf of Wall Street" who swindled his clients out of more than $100 million from his firm in Lake Success, seems just as hot-tempered and volatile as DiCaprio depicted him.

In clips from the interview posted online Sunday, Belfort refuses to answer the reporter's questions, saying he's not going to be "attacked." But the final straw comes when the journalist, Liz Hayes, asks whether an oral contract with his management company is an attempt to hide income.

"You've got a lot of nerve," he says after laughing nervously and walking off the set. "I was told this was going to be a friendly, nice interview. No one has ever treated me as disrespectful as you have."

It's hard to believe that Belfort, who spent 22 months in prison on charges of securities fraud and money laundering, hasn't been "treated" worse than this. To be fair, maybe the reporter did more prodding and provoking than this snippet of the interview shows. But can Belfort really expect a "friendly interview" from the press?

Maybe all the fame and elbow-rubbing with the likes of Martin Scorsese and DiCaprio have set him up for disappointment.

(App users, tap the link above to watch the video.)

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