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Lupe Fiasco says what you won't in 'Words I Never Said'

Rapper Lupe Fiasco arrives at the Vivienne Westwood

Rapper Lupe Fiasco arrives at the Vivienne Westwood store opening party on Melrose in Los Angeles, California. (March 30, 2011) (Credit: Getty Images, 2011)

Lupe Fiasco is the voice of the people, and he demonstrates this fully in his new video for the single "Words I Never Said," featuring Skylar Grey. This is the third single from his latest album, "Lasers."

This video is amazing and will leave you speechless. The imagery is as powerful as the words of the song. Everyone in the video appears with gags on their mouths. Fiasco is the only one who is willing to speak freely about politics, religion and society.

He is on a mission to save a fellow colleague, one has been captured by authorities and forced to remain quiet instead of speaking her mind.

The song is full of such powerful and profound messages as, "I'm a part of the problem, the problem is I'm peaceful and I'm for the people." Comments like this cause officials in the video to attack Fiasco and try to gag him, but he fiercely refuses.

Fiasco is going to say what he wants to say no matter who likes it or not.

Skylar Grey's voice is the perfect backdrop for this moving track.

Check out the video below for "Words I Never Said." Are you feeling it?


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