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New Jack done with ‘Daily Show,’ barks at Dog the Bounty Hunter

Ex-pro wrestler New Jack, left, tries to "Scare

Ex-pro wrestler New Jack, left, tries to "Scare Straight" a high school student into staying away from college during an episode of "The Daily Show" in May 2013. Now New Jack, a former bounty hunter, wants to challenge "Dog the Bounty Hunter" with his own bounty-chasing reality show. (Credit: Comedy Central via YouTube)

Ex-pro wrestler New Jack’s appearance on “The Daily Show” last month proved to be more cameo than career-changing.

Although several wrestling websites reported last month that New Jack was hired for a longer-term recurring role as an “urban correspondent,” a Comedy Network representative confirmed to Newsday recently that the former Extreme Championship Wrestling star’s May 9 appearance was always meant to be a one-shot deal.

“New Jack was cast specifically to appear in that single field piece as a performer, not as a correspondent. While they [show producers] were happy with his part in the piece, as of now the show has no plans to use him again,” the representative said via email.

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New Jack, who performed in a “Scared Straight”-like spoof talking high school students out of going to college, appeared just more than a month after his retirement match against Necro Butcher for Pro Wrestling Syndicate in Metuchen, N.J.

“I knew it [‘The Daily Show’ appearance] would get a lot of exposure, and I took it,” New Jack told Newsday last month after the show aired. I thought it would be very helpful.”

Long before his retirement New Jack has tried to parlay his wrestling notoriety into other career options. “Beyond the Mat” director/writer Barry Blaustein helped New Jack get a screen test that was featured in the 1999 documentary.

Now New Jack, whose use of cutlery on opponents has led to well-documented legal woes, hopes to the return to the other side of justice. The bounty hunter-turned-wrestler wants to return to his former career and chronicle the experience for a reality show. Although he wouldn’t reveal any other details, he said the prospects of getting the project off the ground are “looking real good.”

If the show does debut, just don’t expect any of the “find’em and fix’em” counseling moments that were a staple of A&E’s “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and are now being reprised on CMT’s “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.”

“Dog the Bounty Hunter is a pathetic, lost soul,” said New Jack, who during the interview referenced star Duane “Dog” Chapman making racial slurs during a recorded call with son Tucker, resulting in his show being temporarily removed from A&E in 2007. “His show literally sucks. When I do my show, you’ll see how it’s supposed to be done.”

That way, he says, won’t leave much room for mercy.

“I would thank them for not going to court, because they just paid some bills,” New Jack said . . . . I’m not trying to save the world.”

But New Jack is trying to fully transition away from the ring, and says he’s taken steps to make sure he doesn’t get lured back into the ring.

“All of my gear, I was happy to get rid of it,” he said. “I’ve had thousands of pictures [from the wrestling career] on the wall, but I haven’t put up one picture. I have to get away, get where I can’t see it. I have memories, but I don’t want to have them around me all day. It’s almost like being with a girl. If you have her in your head, with her pictures all over the wall, you can’t get over it.”

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