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Pet Rock Film Festival 3

Johnny Depp plays a tourist traveling to Italy

Johnny Depp plays a tourist traveling to Italy to mend his broken heart. Then he meets Angelina Jolie's character. Oh, hello! In theaters Dec. 10.

Round 3 of the Pet Rock Film Festival features everything from a stuttering king to a long-haired Johnny Depp and a country accent on Gwyneth Paltrow.

An eclectic mix, no doubt.

The guidelines for the PRFF are simple; but for you newcomers, we'll spell it out again.

We treat it like a trip to the movie theater. We watch the trailers once and then formulate an opinion about the movie based on what we see, whom we see and other generalizations based on our knowledge and moviegoing preferences. In other words, we pretend we're watching the previews before a feature film.

Click the links below to watch the trailers, then vote for your favorite in the poll below.

Movie Release Date Comment
"127 Hours" Nov. 5, 2010 Stunning visuals may make you forget that James Franco cuts his own arm off in this true-life story.
"The King's Speech" Nov. 26, 2010 Colin Firth appears rather impressive as Stuttering King George VI. Just won top audience prize at Hamptons film fest.
"The Tourist" Dec. 10, 2010 Johnny Depp, Italy, Angelina Jolie and a chase across Europe. Did we mention Johnny Depp, Italy, Angelina Jolie and a chase across Europe?
"Blue Valentine" Dec. 26, 2010 Ryan Gosling in yet another indie movie about relationships.
"Country Strong" Jan. 7, 2011 Gwyneth Paltrow goes country, and brings Leighton Meester along for the ride in the comeback tale.
"The Dilemma" Jan. 14, 2011 Vince Vaughn is very good when he plays Vince Vaughn.
"The Roommate" Feb. 4, 2011 "Single White Female" -- the college years. With Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester.


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