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'Princesses Long Island' recap: 'Don't ever call me Mama Dukes'

From left, Chanel Omari, Ashlee White, Casey Cohen

From left, Chanel Omari, Ashlee White, Casey Cohen and Joey Lauren from "Princesses: Long Island." (Credit: AP)

Wedding dress shopping, speed dating and drink tossing -- What could go wrong?

Unfortunately those events didn't happen simultaneously on Sunday night's "Princesses: Long Island," but they did make for one of the more interesting episodes of the season.

First, if you thought Chanel Omari was overreacting about not being married at age 27, you saw a big reason why when she goes shopping for her 24-year-old sister Ashley's wedding gown. Chanel looks about ready to crawl into the dressing room's couch cushions and die of embarrassment as her mom waxes on to the saleswoman about how wonderful it is that her daughter is getting married, and no Chanel is the older sister not the younger sister and yes everything will be right with the world once we find her a man, too. To top it all off, Ashley "surprises" her sister with a wedding dress she picked out especially for Chanel to try on. What is the point of that? "My sister doesn't think she's a bridezilla, but that is bridezilla," Chanel says. I have to agree.

With Chanel busy with her maid of honor duties, the remaining single Princesses, Joey Lauren, Ashlee White and Casey Cohen, go to an all-Jewish speed dating event. Quickly ruling out the men in the room as potential suitors, Joey decides to have a little fun, which for her means asking the visibly uncomfortable dates about their um, manhood. What else is a Princess to do in such an awkward situation? Ashlee and Casey, however, are less than pleased, and proceed to ignore Joey after the dating portion of the night is over. "I would have at least appreciated a BBM or something before this, saying, 'We don't like you today,'" Joey says while venting to the bartender.

It's all very confusing. When exactly did Ashlee decide her former friend is "a bad person," as she repeatedly says about Joey both to her face and in the confessionals? Unless I missed something, it seems to go back to Joey calling her out for placing a phone call to her father to announce she just met a cute guy (in front of the guy) in the Hamptons. And if that's what this beef is about, Ashlee really needs to let it go. I kind of get that Joey's sense of humor rubs Casey the wrong way, as Casey veers a bit on the uptight side and she and Joey haven't known each other for very long. But Ashlee, you've known Joey long enough to understand her personality so I don't know why you're so taken aback.

Finally, if any of the Princesses were going to throw down on the show, Chanel is the last one I would expect to be involved. Ever the peacemaker up to this point, she loses it at Amanda Bertoncini's Drink Hanky launch party at Aura Salon Style Lounge in Great Neck. The others chalk it up to the pressure she's under while planning her sister's wedding as a single lady, though they don't excuse it. While the cameras only capture a not-so-violent part two of the fight, Chanel's mic picks up her explanation that "she threw ice and then her drink at me so I hit her." My question is, why was this mysterious chick wearing an unflattering black skirt even let into this white party?

Curiously, Erica Gimbel and Casey (who doesn't appear to be at the party) are the only ones not involved in some kind of drama, as Ashlee and Joey finally unleash on each other. Ashlee (surprise surprise) says Joey is "a bad person" and "everybody thinks so." Nice try, but as Joey points out, "no one is on your side." (Or if Erica or Chanel is, neither wants to admit to it.)

Lesson learned: Don't ever call Ashlee "Mama Dukes."

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