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'Skyfall' trailer hits the Web

British actor Daniel Craig at the presentation of

British actor Daniel Craig at the presentation of the latest James Bond 007 film “Skyfall” at Ciragan Palace in Istanbul. (April 29, 2012) (Credit: Getty Images)


The new trailer for “Skyfall,” the third James Bond film to star Daniel Craig, was posted earlier today, offering a glimpse at this moody-looking, Sam Mendes-directed installment.

Along with the usual images of effect-driven destruction and Craig wearing nice suits, the trailer provides a series of atmospheric images: an interrogation room, a chilly-looking London street, a Chinese parade, a sleek hotel possibly in Hong Kong. Many of the scenes appear to be set at night, inside buildings or underground.

No images of Bond sipping a Heineken, apparently his new drink of choice, as  reported by Ad Age.

“Skyfall” is due in theaters Nov. 9.


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