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'Wilfred' recap: Give me 'Honesty'

A scene from the episode "Honesty." "Wilfred" airs

A scene from the episode "Honesty." "Wilfred" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on FX. (Credit: FX)

After a mishap on Jenna’s broadcast show involving marijuana candy, her journalism career has become a punch line — similar to the laughable careers of Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian. “Honesty” involves Ryan attempting to revive her career, passing along a variation of story leads for her to report on.

While hanging out in the basement, Wilfred reveals a pit hidden beneath a rug where he has housed six house cats. His motive? The scratches on his face, which are placed to appear like red whiskers, were from the paws of one cat. Yet, all six are stored in the pit because, according to the dog, “they all scratched someone.”

The six missing cats raised neighbors’ suspicions and Ryan takes advantage of the strange pattern to share it with Jenna. She shares the news that she received an anonymous tip from the cat hoarder who will provide her with a “cat killer” video her producer plans to air.

Because of both their devotions to Jenna, a “cat killer” video is in production. Wilfred gets into a passionate director mode — acting high strung over small requests from his main star, Ryan. In the video, Ryan wears a gas mask to conceal his voice — similar to the character Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, but sans indistinguishable accent. Ryan refuses to endanger a cat and brings out a fake replacement. The director isn’t pleased, but after Ryan tell him the “performance is fine,” it shuts him up. He should know about acting. After all, he was Frodo.

Despite their attempts at terrifying cinematography, Wilfred gives Jenna a complete different copy. This one is similar to the heart-wrenching Sarah McLachlan/ASPCA commercials, except it advocates the opposite: putting down cats because “billions of dogs are scratched” annually. Jenna says she plans to quit her job. Ryan feels guilty because the “pot candy” was from his house.

Guilt has got the best of him and he reveals the truth to Jenna. After some upset, she apologizes for “using him” and finds his web of lies minuscule to how she has treated him.

After her report on “pot candy” airs, her career goes uphill. With the positive re-purposing of Ryan’s relationships with those close to him, like his mother and Jenna, one can sense the tying of loose ends will lead to a, possibly, optimistic season finale.

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