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'Wilfred' recap: not 'Letting Go' of season two

Elijah Wood, left, as "Ryan" and Jason Gann

Elijah Wood, left, as "Ryan" and Jason Gann as "Wilfred" in "Wilfred," airing on FX. (Credit: FX)

We left off last season when Ryan (Elijah Wood) accidentally tricked his crush/neighbor Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann) into thinking she was pregnant by switching her urine, got Wilfred (Jason Gann) to jump in front of a car and blackmailed his sister about her affair. 

The dark, psychological comedy returns this summer to pick up the pieces, which left viewers second-guessing and mentally backtracking -- at least in my case. I realized this when Ryan ran down into the basement, where he and Wilfred spent nights smoking, only to discover a closet. It was like a middle finger to the face. 

But then again, this is the type of comedy where the content seems to have free rein; where the humor is unwholesome and fresh. 

The season two premiere starts off with Ryan visiting Jenna’s house to learn she knows she’s not pregnant, but is still planning to marry her naïve, '90s jock of a boyfriend, Drew (Chris Klein). It’s been three months since Ryan has seen Wilfred and he ignores Ryan in favor of Drew. We later find out that Drew was there for Wilfred post-accident.

Cut to commercial break. Odd, not much of a joke has been cracked during the cold open. I’m getting a vibe that this episode isn’t going to be riddled with the normal inappropriate and crude humor. But I’ll stay hopeful.

When Ryan’s at work, his coworker Amanda (Allison Mack of “Smallville” fame) asks him to lunch. He declines, but she insists that she’s “borderline hot” with an “edgy sense of humor,” she jokes. Later in the episode, we find that Ryan asked her to dinner and she accepts. Cue potential romance, which will probably last half a season.

While Wilfred is running on the beach, Ryan sneaks up aside him in desperate attempts to rekindle their bro-mance. Wilfred could care less, as his goal now is to seem less of a “loser” to Drew.

“I told you it’s over,” Wilfred said. “Let it go.”

They come across a dog owner and his golden retriever training for a dog show. Wilfred has an epiphany, thinking that if he enters and wins the dog show, he could win Drew’s praise. Ryan finds this opportune and offers to enter and train him himself, even offering to give Wilfred a steroid-y type drug.

During the dog show, Jenna says that her relationship with Drew is going uphill now that Wilfred has been off their hands for a while. At the 11th hour, Ryan tosses the performance drugs and Wilfred is distraught, inevitably losing the dog show. He praises his “Participant” ribbon, which Drew dubbed “silly.”

“I won’t let you do something that would hurt you,” Ryan said. “I’d rather let you go.”

The episode was vastly devoid of its signature dark humor. Rather, it followed Ryan and Wilfred trying to reconcile their relationship post-break up -- almost like a teenager couple so hopeful in their short lives.

But a consistency in almost all of the episodes is the closing scene where the two main characters lounge in a musky room and reminisce.  

Welcome home, Wilfred!

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