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Must-see movies for 2014: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and more

A scene from the trailer for Marvel's "Guardians

(Credit: Marvel)

Legos, wormholes, new superheroes and old musicals are on the movie schedule for 2014, which so far looks like a fairly entertaining grabbag. Sequels run the gamut from "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" to "Dumb and Dumber To," while a genre that seemed long dead -- think robes and sandals -- is suddenly very much alive. And speaking of throwbacks, 2014 may mark the first time in years that...

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Christopher Walken dancing supercut: 57 scenes in less than 5 minutes

Christopher Walken in one of his 57 dance

(Credit: Huffington Post via YouTube)

Inarguably the greatest thing you'll see on the Internet today: a mashup of Christopher Walken's dance scenes in film -- more than 50 of them.

Huffington Post shared the video Tuesday on its movie mashups YouTube channel, and posted on its website the complete list of movies featured in the supercut. The best part: Walken's greatest dance hits are set to C+C Music Factory's '90s jam, "Everybody...

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Paramount announces $33 'Anchorman 2' SuperTicket

From left, director Adam McKay, Steve Carell, Paul

(Credit: AP )

How do you feel about shelling out $33 to see "Anchorman 2"? If that seems like kind of a big deal, consider what Paramount Pictures and AMC theaters are offering. First, you'll get to see the movie Dec. 16, two days ahead of its official theatrical debut. You'll also get a poster and a $5 voucher for the concession stand. Most intriguing, the so-called SuperTicket comes with two home-video...

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'Hard Sell,' Gold Coast-set teen indie, brings Kristin Chenoweth, Katrina Bowden to Long Island

Kristin Chenoweth, left, who plays Lorna Buchanan, and

(Credit: AP, 2)

It's not every day an Emmy- and Tony-award winning actress tells an up-and-coming filmmaker she wants to star in his first full-length feature film before he even has the chance to ask her. But that's how it happened for Oyster Bay native Sean Nalaboff with his forthcoming teen indie, "Hard Sell," that wraps Friday after 19 days of filming on Long Island. The movie, set on the North Shore,...

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