Lawyer, lobbyist, TV star, reverse mortgage pitchman. Is there anything Fred Dalton Thompson can't do?

Now at 71, Thompson can add the thea-tah to his resumé as he makes his stage debut as the ominously named Judge Noose in "A Time to Kill," which opens Oct. 20. But Broadway is just the latest stage for Thompson. Here's a look at his many transformations.

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--Thompson was a real-life Al Bundy who sold shoes before becoming a lawyer.

--He was admitted to the Tennessee state bar in 1967 and was minority counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee.

--From 1975 to 1992, he was a lobbyist in Washington, representing such clients as Westinghouse and General Electric.

--Talk about inspired casting -- Thompson was cast as himself in the 1985 movie "Marie," based on one of his cases. More jobs followed, including his role as District Attorney Arthur Branch in all four "Law & Order" shows.

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--Would you buy a reverse mortgage from this man? Sometime between Plinko and the Showcase on "The Price Is Right," you're sure to catch the AAG spot in which he tells retirees about the virtues of a reverse mortgage.