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Angus T. Jones blasts his own show: 'Two and a Half Men'

Actor Angus T. Jones attends an NBA basketball

Actor Angus T. Jones attends an NBA basketball game between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers. (April 6, 2012) (Credit: AP)

We have another situation on "Two and a Half Men." Star Angus T. Jones has told series fans to stop watching, and says "I'm on it and don't want to be on it. Please stop watching . . . please stop filling your head with filth."  

All this — and more — appears about seven minutes and forty-five seconds into the video posted below, and which is getting — surprise — much viral love on the Internet as we speak. Is this one of those elaborate web hoaxes of which you have no doubt heard of before? Good question - but  no, it's not.  By the way,  the person debriefing the now-very-much-in-hot-water Jones is Christopher Hudson, who told me a little while ago:"He's quite an intelligent young man. He hasn't been coerced to make the statements he's made or take the stand he's taken with the Lord, and in the next few days, only Angus will be able to tell everybody his plans."

"No man can serve two masters [and] the impression I got was of a young man who is trully converted," adding: "Whatever direction the Lord will lead him, he'll make that known" in a few days.

 (Or after he talks to his agent and/or banker or the wrath of WB has descended upon his head - but that's just my snark and many years of covering show biz breaking through here; sorry.] 

The interview was apparently taped earlier this month and why it's coming up for air now is a question without an answer, or at least one that I'm aware of. 

So..what gives? Jones is apparently a member of the Seventh-day Adventist group Forerunner Chronicles; check it out here.

 You may be assured that CBS — and Warner Bros. TV — are in full panic mode right now. No official comment - or any comment - yet, but as soon as I get one, will post. [And by the way, this post went up late morning and it is now late afternoon - a cone of silence has descended upon network and studio; and I'm told not to expect a comment either.]  

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