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Who is Stephanie Birkitt? Well, she was on Letterman's show...

Stephanie Birkitt, who has appeared on "Late Night

Stephanie Birkitt, who has appeared on "Late Night with David Letterman." (Credit: John Filo/CBS)



  OK, it's out there. It is official.

  This is one of the women who allegedly had an affair with Letterman before his marriage and who lived with Joe Halderman as well. She has long since moved out of his Norwalk home.

  And Letterman fans know her well.

  She is "Monty," or "Vickie" --  an on-air Letterman foil for a while back a few years who was sort of Dave's dry sidekick and who never quite got why he was ribbing her over something (like what she did over the weekend, for example.) Clip below, and there are many on YouTube. Calls to her home in Manhattan went unanswered. She has been identified on several Web sites since last night, although the New York Times also ID'd her  a short while ago, too.

  Here's also a good story on Monty that ran in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram five years ago; story follows clip, and it is very detailed:

You can call her Monty, or you can call her Smitty or you can call her Stephanie. David Letterman calls her all three.Viewers of "Late Night With David Letterman" have seen Stephanie Birkitt, 29, dressed as Batman, as a leprechaun and as Tom Cruise.
They've watched her fly across the stage like Peter Pan, heard herell Survivor rejects a goofy tall tale about being pecked on the rear end by a woodpecker, seen her demonstrate her ex-boyfriend's bleak dancing skills to the sound of the cheesy "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" -- twice.

An assistant to Letterman, Birkitt combines a lack of guile with
an amiable understanding that the joke's on her and that's all
right. She's like an eager little sister who doesn't mind being
teased, and Letterman is obviously charmed by her. Birkitt started on the show as a summer intern when she was a student at Wake Forest University, then did production
work for "48 Hours" before returning to Letterman.

Here's what she has to say about what she calls her good luck.

Q: How did this start with you appearing on the show?

A: Well, basically, Dave asked our boss if somebody was going to
be up in the office during the show and she said yes. So he made a
call, which they made me answer, and he asked if I wouldn't mind
taping "Jackass" for him. He did that a few more times, I think maybe
asked me to tape "Real World" or something, and then we just kind of
developed a phone rapport.

Q: And it built from there?

A: Yeah, he started calling once a week, sometimes twice a week,
and we'd talk about my weekend. And then I would tell funny stories
about my weekend or what he thought were funny stories and I
thought were normal. And he started asking if I had pictures from
my weekend and so I showed pictures. It kind of gradually became
different things at different times. . . . The costumes are a
once-a-week thing.

Q: Who thinks up what kind of costume it will be?

A: It's kind of a group effort. In the beginning, he thought of
every costume. And now sometimes I'll think of them. Sometimes it's
Laurie [her boss.] Sometimes the girls in the office think of them.
Kind of make a list and then he decides.

Q: He calls you Monty. Where did that name come from?

A: You know, I have no idea. I was just up in the office one day
and he started calling me Monty. He used to call me Smitty.

Q: Yeah, I've heard him call you Smitty lately.

A: And then he changed to Monty one day, just decided "Your name
is Monty," and I have no idea why. And then a couple of weeks ago
he decided it would be Smitty again. My roommate, who works with me
and is also my roommate, she held onto the Smitty name to make fun
of me, and then he heard her making fun of me so he started using
it again.

Q: Do you feel nervous when you're on the show?

A: You know, I really don't. For whatever reason, I got past
that. I've been lucky enough just not to have that sort of
countenance, I guess. I kind of wander through life unaware. He
puts me very much at ease. He's very laid back about the whole
thing. It's kind of just like hanging out onstage with your buddy.

Q: What's he like?

A: He's just fun. And he's happy, and he's nice, and he's
extremely generous with us. And he's just playful. We
lay catch sometimes in the office, and we all go to screenings together. We
eat food together, we sit around and watch TV together and goof on people. And he teases me in real life, too, but I give it back a lot more in real life.

Q: What are your aspirations?

A: I think I'd like to stay in television. I always had sort of
a law career on the back burner. I've taken my law boards, and it's
still something I may do in the future. . . . But I'd like to stay
in television. I'd like to maybe produce. To be part of the
creative process is important to me. . . . I'm just lucky. I hear
about other people's horror stories, and it's just completely
different from what I'm experiencing.

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