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Tom Brokaw, on 'Late Show,' says 'pleased' with prognosis

Tom Brokaw will be on "Late Show with David Letterman" Thursday, and there are  two pieces of good news: 1) He looks great; 2) He says his prognosis (he has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma) is good. 

Quotes and a clip: 

“Well, I’m actually being treated for something called multiple myeloma and it’s been going on since August and it got out last week. As you know, I was keeping it as private as I possibly could, which I intend to continue doing. I’m very pleased with the progress and that’s about as far as I want to go. There are a lot of other people out there.” (Audience applause.) “I do want to say one thing. A lot of people are going through what I’m going through, and they don’t have the advantages I do. I’m so conscious of that every day because it involves the whole family and it’s tricky and it becomes a big strain. In our case, we’ve got the resources and access and I’ve got this fabulous family, and so I am much more aware of what other families are going through and I think we all have to be, as a matter of fact.”

Tom Brokaw has cancer; NBC statement says he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in August

Tom Brokaw on Nov. 3, 2011 at the

(Credit: Getty Images / Karen Bleier)

Tom Brokaw, the veteran network TV newsman and former anchor of "NBC Nightly News," has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, according to a statement released late Tuesday by the network and Brokaw.

Brokaw, who was scheduled to be in Sochi covering the Winter Olympics as a correspondent, also released a statement saying, in part, "With the exceptional support of my family, medical team and friends, I am very optimistic about the future and look forward to continuing my life, my work and adventures still to come."

According to NBC's statement, Brokaw had learned that he had cancer in August, at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. The statement added, "his doctors are optimistic about the outcome of the treatment he is receiving, and Brokaw said he remains 'the luckiest guy I know.' "

Brokaw, 74, was named co-anchor of "NBC Nightly News" in 1982, with Roger Mudd, and became solo anchor a year later. Under Brokaw, "Nightly" would become television's most-watched evening newscast, during a long-running battle with Peter Jennings' "ABC World News Tonight." He closed his run on Dec. 1, 2004. Brokaw has remained a prominent figure on NBC, including replacing Tim Russert for a few months on "Meet the Press" following Russert's death in 2008.

Amy Lynn, an NBC News spokeswoman, said Brokaw, who is not in Sochi, has "two pieces that will air within our coverage."

During Tuesday night's "Nightly News," anchor Brian Williams said Brokaw -- an avid outdoorsman and world traveler -- had told him he plans to "join [Bruce] Springsteen's Australian summer tour just to give the boss a bump of added publicity."

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