100 TV shows that made an impact

Welcome back to my new, revised, updated, expanded and, frankly, re-thought list of television's most influential shows.
How “expanded?” I've added about forty new shows, dropped a few too... How “revised?” I've changed the order fairly dramatically (but fear not -- “Seinfeld” remains in the top five.)
How “re-thought?” In this sense: I've reconsidered what it means to be an “influential” show circa 2013, when “TV” is no longer really just about sitting in front of the TV, but part of a much larger cultural phenomenon that encompasses bingeing, social media, and popular music. TV no longer has boundaries that are drawn up by the networks, but boundaries drawn up by viewers like you. In that sense, television has had to adjust, and it has.
But -- in the meantime -- the overall song remains the same. This is a list about TV shows that made a difference... changed the world, or America... changed culture... changed the way we talked, thought and (mostly) watched.
Changed you. Changed me. The same proviso remains in this new updated list: This is not some sort of thing TV Guide or Entertainment Weekly puts out -- the best, the brightest, the most wonderful, most popular etc. Some of these shows may be, in fact, demonstrably not very good -- though in most cases, they are very good.
Another proviso: I set aside most news programs. Of course they were influential ("Evening News," "Meet the Press," "CBS Sunday Morning," "SportsCenter", “Nightline” and so on). "Today" and “Good Morning America” are on this list only because they are pan-cultural -- not simply news, but simply everything.
As I put this list together, here was the common denominator: Impact. In each case, this show might have spawned other similar shows, or even spawned an entire genre, or movies, or lingo, or fashion. The show had deep tentacles into popular culture, and to an extent, still does. The show had "stickiness" -- no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't forget. It was like a song that looped continuously through our imagination -- the lower or higher reaches of our imagination.
So please, do get mad if your favorite show isn't on this list. But I would bet it is. -- VERNE GAY, verne.gay@newsday.com

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