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Candice Glover won "American Idol" Season 12 over Kree Harrison as Psy, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and Aretha Franklin performed.

Tearful Candice Glover deservedly wins 'American Idol' season 12

Season 12 winner Candice Glover reacts at the

(Credit: AP)

Kree Harrison or Candice Glover is about to be crowned the "American Idol" season 12 champion. I think it'll be Harrison based on her recent surge, even though I feel Glover is more deserving.

They're both excellent singers though, so this isn't one of those seasons where it's a travesty if someone doesn't win (paging Adam Lambert.)

One last distraction -- last season's...

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Aretha Franklin, Angie Miller, Adam Lambert, half-naked Jessie J rock 'American Idol'

Angie Miller returns to "American Idol" with a sweet version of "Titanium," joined by Adam Lambert. It's simply fantastic -- in my mind, two finalists who should have won. Their voices blend well, both are theatrical but sincere; great duet.

And then Jessie J, whose blouse exposes quite a bit of her anatomy, shows up to perform "Domino" with Miller. They're lots...

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Psy struts, Candice Glover and Jennifer Hudson join on 'American Idol'

Emeli Sande joins Amber Holcomb on "American Idol" to sing "Next To Me" -- it's a great pairing, their voices blend well and Holcomb more than holds her own.

She's got a voice that just slices through the static; you can't turn away when she's on stage.

Psy then strut out there, singing "Gentlemen." His flamboyance and utter confidence makes him always fun...

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Frankie Valli, Mariah Carey second-rate as 'American Idol' crowns season 12 champion

"American Idol" is going to crown its season 12 champion tonight -- but first we have to suffer through what's become in recent years a string of second-rate guest performers, matched up with the finalists.

The Band Perry is out first, with Janelle Arthur, performing "Done." I start wishing they were done about 30 seconds into the song -- lots of yelling and energetic jumping,...

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It's looking like Kree Harrison will beat out Candice Glover as the next American Idol

Will Kree Harrison really be all cried out, or will she shed tears of joy on tonight’s “American Idol”? Or will Candice Glover, who reprised “I Who Have Nothing” last night, prove she’s really something by taking the “Idol” crown?

Kreedom seems to have a slight edge according to our team of "Idol" psychics, with five of our nine prognosticators expecting the toast of Texas to be...

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Kree Harrison wins the fashion battle on ‘American Idol’ finale

Top 2 finalist Kree Harrison performs Patty Griffin's

(Credit: Fox)

Who fought harder to win the final battle on "American Idol" Wednesday night – Kree Harrison or Candice Glover? From a fashion standpoint, it was decidedly Harrison, who as Randy Jackson would say, was, “in it to win it.” Harrison amped up her wardrobe big time turning out in a series of confections that said, “I am your idol, hear me roar.”

First up, a nude, lingerie-like evening...

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Candice Glover brings power, Kree Harrison brings heart on 'American Idol'

The "American Idol" season 12 final two, from

(Credit: Fox)

Candice Glover got two standing ovations and Kree Harrison one and three-quarters as the "American Idol" finalists shone and made it difficult for voters to pick a champion.

Unlike past years, there was no clear winner and both finalists sang well, not letting the moment swallow them and capping off what's been the strongest field of singers -- top to bottom -- I can remember.


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Candice Glover 'like a planet exploding to life,' Kree Harrison 'uplifting' on 'American Idol'

Kree Harrison sings her third and final song on "American Idol," her favorite of the season -- "Up to the Mountain." It's an inspired pick; slow and emotional, with her rich tone rolling out. She has a calmness to her tonight; some of her best performances of the year. Gets all the judges to stand this time, after everyone but Nicki Minaj stood for her second song.


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Kree Harrison gets three judges to stand, Candice Glover all four on 'American Idol'

Kree Harrison performs her second song on "American Idol," the one she'd sing if she wins -- "All Cried Out."

She's going to win this thing; she's compelling, song fits her voice like a glove and the emotion just pours through. You really feel like she's singing about her life, particularly after we found out both her parents died before she was 20. Another strong performance;...

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Kree Harrison set up to soar, Candice Glover to flop on 'American Idol'

Candice Glover and Kree Harrison are fighting it out to be the next "American Idol," as a dramatic season 12 wraps up. They start with a song picked by the show's creator, Simon Fuller.

Harrison goes first, doing "Angel." It's an easy crowd-pleaser, fits nicely to her voice. If she wins this whole thing, she'll have Fuller to thank -- the chorus is heart-breaking, she slows...

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