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Candice Glover won "American Idol" Season 12 over Kree Harrison as Psy, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and Aretha Franklin performed.

Amber Holcomb overshadows even Angela Miller while Isabelle not memorable on 'American Idol'

Angela Miller next on "American Idol," in a simple black outfit singing "If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time." She has a fantastic urgency to her voice, and sounds professional. Has the moves, the look, the performance down already. Plus strong vocals and the ability to emote; for some reason I admired it more than I loved it.

Keith Urban says "you have a beautiful voice," with Nicki Minaj simply starting out with, "I love you." Calls her "already a top contender in this competition -- don't force anything, your voice is unmatched." Randy Jackson adds to the love, saying "this girl's the real deal here America, she's going places." Mariah Carey, like the others, keeps praising Miller's original performance from last week, doesn't say anything about tonight.

The single-named Isabelle sings "God Bless the Child" next, in a classic white beaded dress. I'm not connecting with her at all; a tough song to do, nothing memorable in her performance for me.

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Minaj says "you look very pretty, you sound very pretty," but doesn't really say much more than that. Jackson calls it a "bit old-fashioned," which I agree with; with Carey liking her vocal.

Amber Holcomb is the last of the 10 contestants tonight, in a simple black top over her red dress and electric blue heels singing "My Funny Valentine." We've heard this song a million times but she is excellent and makes it sound fresh; judges all have huge grins on their faces. Plays with the pace, is totally comfortable and it's just stunning and unexpectedly great, frankly. All the judges except Minaj stand.

Urban gushes over her, "so great to watch," tells her she "knocked it out of the park." Minaj says "that vocal was A+++" but worries people may not see how great her personality is and may not vote for her in later rounds. Jackson calls the vocal "amazing," loves how she didn't oversing. Carey says "you have to know" how brilliant that performance was, loved her interpretation.

Yeah, that was just so wonderful to witness.

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