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Candice Glover won "American Idol" Season 12 over Kree Harrison as Psy, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and Aretha Franklin performed.


Amber Holcomb, tears and all, tops Angie Miller, Candice Glover and Kree Harrison on 'American Idol'

Candice Glover, left, Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb and

Candice Glover, left, Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison of "American Idol" (April 25, 2103) (Credit: Fox)

Amber Holcomb's "My Funny Valentine" got a standing ovation from the "American Idol" judges and easily topped an uneven night for the four finalists, as the growing pressure to win votes -- and well-meaning but cascading advice from judges and guest mentor Harry Connick Jr. -- took its toll.

Even Holcomb's tour-de-force turned bittersweet. Nicki Minaj, who along with Keith Urban has been the most perceptive judge all season, exulted over her performance but then asked her, "Why you looking like you want to cry?"

Holcomb then started to actually cry, which prompted Minaj to ask her, "You worrying about votes? Stop! That was a great job!" 

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I actually think Glover is more in danger of and more deserving of going home than the electric Holcomb, but in either case nobody should be so stressed about how voters might react. Who cares -- just sing, we love all of you otherwise you wouldn't be in the final four!

Below's how I rated everyone; put your own thoughts in the comments, below.

1) Amber Holcomb's "My Funny Valentine" was vocally complex, compelling and memorable -- even better than when she did it earlier in the season. It showed off her great tone and touch, and her charisma shone through. "You slayed it," said Randy Jackson. "That was stellar."

2) Amber Holcomb's "Just Give Me a Reason" showcased her surprising charisma for me, mixed with cockiness and bounciness. But the judges panned it, with Jackson saying it didn't seem like she was having any fun and calling it "not stellar."

3) Candice Glover's "When I Was Your Man" was smooth and surrounded you like a luxury car. Minaj said "that performance actually deserved a standing ovation" -- at which point the judges gave her a belated one.

4) Angie Miller's "Someone to Watch Over Me" was enjoyable. Keith Urban said she "sang it so beautifully," loved the "timbre in your voice, the clarity."

5) Angie Miller's "Diamonds" didn't quite connect, in part because the song itself didn't give her much to work with. Minaj flat out said it was "bland, lackluster -- you can do a lot better."

6) Candice Glover's "You've Changed" was admirable but did nothing for me. The judges loved her, though.

7) Kree Harrison's "See You Again" was just OK; not a great song inherently, it felt a bit overly dramatic and produced. 

8) Kree Harrison's "Stormy Weather" was simply boring. The judges all told her not to listen so much to criticism or mentors and just sing.

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