American Idol

Candice Glover won "American Idol" Season 12 over Kree Harrison as Psy, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and Aretha Franklin performed.


Angela Miller 'blows away' the judges, Tenna Torres sings well on 'American Idol'

Tenna Torres next on "American Idol," going slow and dramatic with Faith Hill's "Lost." She's swallowing the words a bit, not always on key either. Not sure if this is really her sweet spot; good vocal overall, but not memorable for me.

Keith Urban tells her not to "let the camera pull you off your emotion," just be yourself. Nicki Minaj appreciates how well she sings, even if she's unsure how well "her personality jumps out." Randy Jackson tells her "nicely done." Mariah Carey liked the song choice, concludes "I love you and I hope America loves you, too." 

Angela Miller next, at the piano with "Never Gone," a song from Colton Dixon -- who was on "Idol" last year. A nonstandard choice, but it lets her show off her big, effortless, pure voice.

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"That was beautiful," gushes Urban, with Minaj saying, "The trumpets should sound when you walk in the room." Tells her she'll be in the final, then asks, "Can I just get your album?" Jackson says it was like he was at her show: "You are born to do what you're doing." Carey continues the lovefest, says, "All of us are blown away."

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