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Candice Glover won "American Idol" Season 12 over Kree Harrison as Psy, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and Aretha Franklin performed.

Elise Testone and Steven Tyler wear matching outfits on 'American Idol'

Elise Testone wowed the audience--and the judges--with that

Elise Testone wowed the audience--and the judges--with that Led Zeppelin classic "Whole Lotta Love." (March 28, 2012) (Credit: Fox)

Idol image adviser Tommy Hilfiger opened the show last night, urging contestants to find their own styles in a room full of clothes. “Fashion is for now,” he said. “Style is forever.” Some of the clothes were keepers, others not so much.

Most amusing, and not in a bad way? Elise Testone and Steven Tyler’s matching black and silver sequin pinstriped bell-bottoms. “We had them made,” said Testone who topped hers with a black, Boho glitter embellished tunic. She looked just right for her rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” as did consummate rocker Tyler who swung his legs up on the judges’ table to show off the pants. Testone wins our “most improved” fashion award.

The other girls were not as successful. Once again, Hollie Cavanagh’s outfit was too mature and not hip enough. The simple, glossy white dress with capped sleeves was lovely for, say, a lady who lunches, but lacked stage pizzazz despite the gold, spiky collar necklace. That, and it didn’t fit smoothly.

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While Jessica Sanchez' mixed up confection fit like a glove, it seemed overwrought – a black and white patterned minidress with puffed sleeves, chunky crystal embellishment and a bustled long, chiffon train. It was appropriately dramatic, but a bit much. Tyler liked it calling it, “a beautiful dress,” but then, he isn’t known for fashion restraint.

Likewise, it was all too much for Skylar Laine whose studded leather jacket fought hard with her embellished high-low tunic top with its graphic red front and sparkle, along with huge silvery earrings. The top alone would have been pretty, but got lost in the fashion sauce, and the proportion seemed off.

The boys have amped up their glossy veneers under Tommy’s tutelage but fit was off, off, off. Most disappointing was Phillip Phillips – we love the bluesy Dave Matthews-esque voice but jeez, the clunky brown corduroy blazer along with super-baggy jeans and beige button-down, well, the look seemed to swallow him whole and was, dare we say, dowdy.

In the too-small department was Joshua Ledet’s tight chain-printed black and white blazer – almost girlish, worn with too tight pants, it conjured low-rent lounge singer.

Best of boys was – surprisingly – Heejun Han, who donned a ski cap, wrinkly blazer with gold floral appliqué, sweater and shirt combo and slightly baggy jeans. The look melded preppy, hip and cool and along with the stellar performance, well it was all good.

The judges liked Colton Dixon’s white deconstructed blazer with black threaded buttonholes at the wrists. Randy Jackson said, the “white coat is fly. I love it.” He wore a brown v-neck underneath and skinny dark pants, overall decent.

Deandre Brackensick almost hit a homerun, but the dolphin-colored leather frock coat was too long for his frame. He appeared to be wearing a black, longer sweater underneath, and again, slightly baggy jeans (we’re actually liking these more than the boy jegging look) with work boots. Almost perfect.

Entertainer Jason Derulo, who appeared briefly on the show, wore the wildest accessory of the night…a huge, blinged out neck brace because of a serious injury. We also liked Randy’s neck treatment: ropes of diamonds combined with what appeared to be brightly colored kid’s plastic beads. So cool and fun.

Of course Jennifer Lopez was standout in a creamy jumpsuit that almost seemed conservative in the front, but was killer sexy in the back with its deep cut halter. Ryan Seacrest suggested her co-judges (he called them “wingmen”) didn’t mind all the standing ovations last night because they got an eyeful of the body beautiful.


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