American Idol

Candice Glover won "American Idol" Season 12 over Kree Harrison as Psy, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and Aretha Franklin performed.

Joshua Ledet told performance 'transcendent' on 'American Idol'

Joshua Ledet sings "I Am Ready for Love" on "American Idol," as the contestants choose their second songs.

He starts slow and theatrical; but you know it's going to build to something big. Interesting; he's being restrained again, it gets bigger but never explodes. A nice, pure vocal.

Judges give him a standing ovation. "I don't even know what to say anymore, I am speechless," says Randy Jackson.

"Mmmm... mmm!" says Jennifer Lopez with a big smile. "That was transcendent." She says once you start singing, "you bring us so present," everyone stops thinking and just listens.

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