American Idol

Candice Glover won "American Idol" Season 12 over Kree Harrison as Psy, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and Aretha Franklin performed.


Nicki Minaj tells Candice Glover 'I want to skin you and wear you'

Rodney Barber, who was formerly homeless, sings on the street and says he's been dubbed the “Voice of Charlotte,“ is next on “American Idol.“ He sings “I'll Be” and Mariah Carey says he's “fantastic” and she loved it.

Nicki Minaj says “you have something really captivating about you.“ I agree. He's got a good voice and some real depth to him. He could be a dark horse for the finals . . . a real adult who has life experience and I'm sure he'll make the most of his opportunity.

Candice Glover is next. She made it to Hollywood last year. Doing “Syrup and Honey" -- she can flat out sing. She gets Jackson and Carey to stand up. He says, “best audition I've heard so far this season."

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"I'm obsessed with you,“ says Minaj, “I want to skin you and wear you.“

Carey says straight out, “this is the absolute best singing we've heard.“

Ja'Bria Barber next, says she likes to go “frog-gigging" -- basically she hunts bullfrogs at night (the legs “taste like chicken.") Minaj dubs her, “Frog Killer.“

She's singing “Pride and Joy” and she does it well. She's a classic singer with an infectious smile on her face. Carey calls her “adorable,“ Jackson likes her “spunk . . . crazy swagger . . . you're not scared.“

Minaj calls her a “big piece of cutie pie,“ and she's through easily.

Brad Harris is next and he does “Whole New World.“ Unfortunately, he's not very good. He sings it like he's just learning the language.

“Dude, it wasn't good,“ says Jackson quickly and simply. Harris asks if he can “get a handshake or something,“ the judges just shake their heads and off he goes.

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