American Idol

Candice Glover won "American Idol" Season 12 over Kree Harrison as Psy, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and Aretha Franklin performed.

Sleep deprivation stars on 'American Idol' Hollywood group round

"American Idol" Hollywood group night, as dramatic as ever, draws to a close with The Bettys member Brianna Bell coming back in the dead of night to help Jennifer with the dance moves; Jennifer helps Brianna memorize the lyrics.

They bond for a while, then right before dawn head off to get some sleep.

Next morning, time for the performances. "I think a little sleep deprivation brings out the best in everyone," says Stephen Tyler, on his way into the auditorium.

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And with that, the episode's over. The Bettys are on stage, ready to perform, but we'll have to wait until next week to see if staying up until dawn really is a winning strategy.

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