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Candice Glover won "American Idol" Season 12 over Kree Harrison as Psy, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and Aretha Franklin performed.

Phillip Phillips tops Jessica Sanchez to win 'American Idol' season 11

Finalists Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and host Ryan

(Credit: AP)

Jessica Sanchez or Phillip Phillips is about to win "American Idol" season eleven -- I think it should be the vocally astonishing Sanchez, but Phillips has had a huge fan base all year that I don't think she'll be able to overcome.

They do a last duet, Joe Cocker's "Up Where We Belong." Bit cheesy, but it lets their voices soar, and both look like champs.

And then Ryan Seacrest reveals the winner, after 132 million votes, is... Phillip Phillips!

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No surprise there. He's been the top vote-getter all season long. Sings the song he'll release as his first single, "Home." Confetti comes flying down, big hugs all around.

Wasn't a particularly memorable finale; guest stars weren't as big as they've been in years past -- this year's batch included Rihanna, Aerosmith, Jennifer Holliday, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Lopez, Neil Diamond, Reba McEntire, Chaka Khan and John Fogerty.

Oh, and former contestant Ace Young proposed to Diana DeGarmo, who also competed on the show, live on stage. It was a moment that was partially hokey but also oddly compelling, with a shaking Young thrilled when DeGarmo said "yes!"

Holliday's duet with Sanchez on "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" was by far the musical highlight of the night. It was a searing display of divahood, two singers with huge voices letting their emotions go.

But in the end, it was steady Phillips who took the crown, becoming the fifth guy in a row to win (you've got to go back to season six and Jordin Sparks to break the trend.)

It was a pedestrian end to a season with probably the most vocally talented group of finalists. The show was undermined by uninspired judging and little real suspense as Phillips' huge fan base kept him out of the bottom three week after week, no matter how similar his performances.

Ultimately I think Sanchez -- like season eight runner-up Adam Lambert, who topped the Billboard charts this week -- will be the one we remember from this season.

But Wednesday night was Phillips' night, as he became the 11th winner of what's still television's most dependable venue for finding future musical stars.

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Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday duet brings down the house on 'American Idol'

Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday are teaming up on the "American Idol" finale on "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going."

Oh man, it's pure divahood, power and emotion; this is going to be one of the most-viewed clips on YouTube on Thursday as they go back and forth, huge voices in full display.

Nobody's holding back; at the end the judges are jumping up and down...

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'American Idol' alum Ace Young proposes to Diana Degarmo on stage

"American Idol" alumn Taylor Hicks and Lauren Alaina, as well as dating couple Ace Young and Diana Degarmo are in the audience.

Ryan Seacrest calls Young and DeGarmo up on stage; Young then proposes to her! On the one hand it's hokey -- he even mentions the ring manufacturer's name -- but on the other hand, he's shaking with nervousness and you can't help but be happy watching a...

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Jessica Sanchez outshines Neil Diamond, Reba McEntire, Skylar Laine on 'American Idol'

Jessica Sanchez arrives at the "American Idol" finale

(Credit: AP)

Skylar Laine is back on "American Idol," singing a high-powered version of "Turn on the Radio" with Reba McEntire.

Laine's really fearless, she goes all out and seems right at home up there with a country superstar; they even look like mother and daughter.

Jessica Sanchez up next, reprising her show-stopping version of "I Will Always Love You." It might...

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Rihanna dominates, Chaka Khan flat on 'American Idol' finals

Jessica Sanchez and the other the female "American Idol" finalists come out to perform a medley -- Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine, Elise Testone, Erika Van Pelt, Shannon Magrane.

They're then joined by a wailing Chaka Khan on "I'm Every Woman." It's not that enjoyable to listen to, no flow and Khan drowns everyone else out.

Judges give them a standing ovation, with...

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Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet team with their inspirations on 'American Idol'

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips split 130 million votes on "American Idol" last night Ryan Seacrest tells us as the final finale show starts.

Phillips and sweet-voiced John Fogerty team for a fun version of "Have You Ever Seen the Rain." Nothing fancy, just a good song sung well. Phillips then takes the lead on "Bad Moon Rising," which again brings nobody...

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Is Phillip Phillips the next American Idol?

It’s unanimous! Phillip Phillips will be the next “American Idol” if our psychics are correct.


All nine agree that Phillip easily snatched the crown from Jessica Sanchez last night, especially after getting a standing O from all three judges when he performed what would be his first single, “Home”—which came complete with a superfluous marching band backing Phillip during his...

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Jessica Sanchez shows off fashion flair; Phillip Phillips, not so much

Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez get ready for

(Credit: Fox)

"American Idol” finalists Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips had one more night to leave millions of viewers with a lasting impression – from a musical and visual standpoint. Sanchez worked the fashion angle to the max. Phillips, as has been is MO the whole season, did not.

As Jennifer Lopez, encased in a one-shoulder sequin emblazoned dazzler and leggings, aptly put it when critiquing...

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Jessica Sanchez likely can't overcome Phillip Phillips for 'American Idol' crown

Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez are the two

(Credit: Fox)

Phillip Phillips most likely beat Jessica Sanchez for the "American Idol" title with a blockbuster version of "Home" -- complete with a troupe of drummers on stage -- to close the show, bringing the judges to their feet.

"Dude, I loved the song, I loved you, I loved the marching band production," yelled a perhaps over-the-top Randy Jackson, who ended by calling...

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Phillip Phillips may have won 'American Idol' with final song

Phillip Phillips singing "Home" for his third song on the "American Idol" finale, the song he'd release as his first single if he won.

There's a nice urgency to the song; audience is into it, clapping along. Bunch of kids playing drums come out on stage to join him, whole thing is fun to listen to. I think he just won "American Idol" with this performance -- it...

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