American Idol

Candice Glover won "American Idol" Season 12 over Kree Harrison as Psy, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and Aretha Franklin performed.

Colton Dixon shines, Katharine McPhee bares, Keith Urban performs on 'American Idol'

Colton Dixon is back on the "American Idol" stage, singing "Love Has Come For Me" before the show chops its elite eight down to the magnificent seven. He sings and performs like a star; self-assured and deliberate. Song itself isn't memorable, but on a weak year for the guys it's good to have him back.

Katharine McPhee then returns, with One Republic. She's got a sassy...

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Burnell Taylor, Devin Velez beat out the women on 'American Idol'

The "American Idol" Top 8, clockwise from top

(Credit: Fox)

Burnell Taylor and Devin Velez broke up the year of the women on "American Idol," turning in the most memorable performances as the eight finalists took on Motown songs.

It was an uneven night vocally, but guest mentor Smokey Robinson as usual was insightful and made for good television — doesn't get any better than having the guy who wrote a song coaching young talents through...

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Kree Harrison takes on Aretha Franklin, Amber Holcomb 'mesmerizing' on 'American Idol'

Amber Holcomb next on "American Idol," doing Stevie Wonder's "Lately." Guest mentor Smokey Robinson loves her, tells her it was "ridiculous" that she was in the bottom three last, week, and "I wanted to turn my TV off."

Not sure about this song choice; it'll appeal to people who understand music, but not necessarily a crowd-pleaser. She is, as always,...

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Angie Miller 'strange' for judges, Burnell Taylor like 'a sexy doctor' on 'American Idol'

Burnell Taylor next on "American Idol," singing Stevie Wonder's "My Cherie, Amour" -- Smokey Robinson calls his tone "captivating," which is exactly right. Great pick; resplendent in a white suit, it's just pure vocal magic. Sounds like nobody else, just like Wonder. Singing effortlessly, just making me smile with joy. 

Keith Urban gives him a standing ovation,...

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Devin Velez impresses Smokey Robinson, Janelle Arthur countrifies Motown on 'American Idol'

Janelle Arthur next on "American Idol," doing the Supremes' "You Keep Me Hangin' On." Sitting on a stool with her guitar, slowing it way down and countrifying it. It's dramatic, but too heavy; beauty of the song was its almost flippant tone, it's all been sucked away. Creative and well-sung, but not enjoyable for me.

Mariah Carey yells out over the audience, "Janelle...

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Lazaro Arbos channels 'Fonzie,' Candice Glover's vocals 'gritty' and 'pretty' on 'American Idol'

Candice Glover up first as "American Idol" does music from Detroit; she's singing "I Heard It Through the Grapvine." It's a smokey, bluesy version; she's playing with the lyrics, showing off her spot-on vocals. We've all heard the song a million times, but rarely like this; audience gives her an extended ovation.

Keith Urban loves how she controls her vocals, calls it her...

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Paul Jolley finally cut, stands 'Alone' on 'American Idol'

Paul Jolley performs the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" on

(Credit: Fox)

Paul Jolley and Devin Velez, as expected, are in the bottom three as "American Idol" cuts to eight finalists -- one more spot left to fill.

Lazaro Arbos is already safe; he was definitely the worst singer this round, by far; but he has a huge fan base and a compelling story, having overcome a chronic stutter.

Kree Harrison is revealed to be safe as well -- as is Candice Glover....

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Devin Velez, Paul Jolley in 'American Idol' bottom three as Jessica Sanchez returns

"American Idol" - Devin Velez performs the Beatles'

(Credit: Fox)

"American Idol" is cutting to its top eight tonight; up first is Amber Holcomb -- they have her sit right down without telling her anything, it's silly.

Guys then do a horrid version of The Beatles' "Got to Get You Into My Life" -- choreography is cheesy and old-fashioned, voices are drowned out by the instruments.

A delighted Paul Jolley is then informed his...

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Burnell Taylor, Angie Miller and Kree Harrison reinvent Beatles on 'American Idol'

The Top 9 "American Idol" finalists clockwise from

(Credit: Fox)

Burnell Taylor, Angie Miller and Kree Harrison topped "American Idol" on a solid night of Beatles songs, where none of the nine finalists made me -- or the judges -- stand up and shout.

The usual suspects sung the best, reinforcing the gap that's opening up with the rest of the field -- three guys, once again, brought up the bottom.

Below's how I ranked everyone, put your thoughts...

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Angie Miller 'unbelievably amazing,' Devin Velez and Janelle Arthur 'honest' on 'American Idol'

Angie Miller up next on "American Idol," singing "Yesterday." We could have a moment with this tonight . . . Starts off slow and stripped down, her voice soars. It's beautiful; yet not cheesy, there's an appropriate level of emotion and she's really feeling the song, reflects it with subtle changes in her voice. It's like a vocal master class; lots of color.

Randy Jackson...

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