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Candice Glover won "American Idol" Season 12 over Kree Harrison as Psy, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Adam Lambert and Aretha Franklin performed.

Rachel Hale, Shubha Vedula, Melinda Ademi, Kree Harrison shine as 'American Idol' names top 40

During the "American Idol" Hollywood round, Raisin' Cain

(Credit: Fox)

"American Idol" cuts down to its top 20 women and top 20 guys as Hollywood Week wraps up; but at the moment, there are still 24 women and 28 guys in the running 

The women all get called up on stage first, and Randy Jackson calls out three names — none of whom have been featured — and just like that they're cut.

Down to 21 now; he asks Stephanie Schimel to sing...

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Melinda Ademi and Kree Harrison become stars, quirky Kez Ban cut on 'American Idol' Hollywood round

Shubha Vedula up as "American Idol" continues to make cuts during Hollywood Round. She's doing "When You Believe." A sparkly silver dress and a big voice.  Mariah Carey calls it a "nice moment."

Juliana Chahayed follows her, doing "Landslide" and showing off a unique tone. Kez Ban is next, doing an original song that feels influenced by Leonard...

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Candice Glover and Kez Ban's groups salvage horrible 'American Idol' group round

During the "American Idol" Hollywood round, The Swaggettes

(Credit: Fox)

The group performances during the Hollywood round for the "American Idol" women were a train wreck -- not sure I've ever seen a worse round on this show.

At least three groups did "Somebody That I Used to Know," and they were all terrible or horrible (to pick a couple words that the judges kept resorting to tonight.)

Only two groups were actually good; if this is...

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Kez Ban, Breanna Steer, Angela Miller and Janelle Arthur pull a surprise on 'American Idol'

Kalli Therinale's group on “American Idol” changed their song just two hours ago, which cannot be good — they ask their mentors if that's a good idea, the answer is a resounding “No!“

Nevertheless they attempt to perform “Somebody I Used to Know.“ It's a train wreck, even their parents in the audience are wincing. “Honestly, it was terrible,“ says Randy Jackson. Most of them didn't even remember...

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Bad 'American Idol' groups manage to move on during Hollywood Week

Lauren Mink's group for some reason does an energetic but hokey “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” next on “American Idol.“ If only Simon Cowell were here, he'd call it like something you'd hear on a bad cruise.

Shockingly, they all make it through; not sure why.

Savannah Votion's group next, doing “Somebody That I Used to Know.“ They're creative but also off-pitch, harmonies...

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Spectacular Candice Glover's group soars, quirky Kez Ban's group finds drama on 'American Idol'

"American Idol" is down to 76 women after the first Hollywood Round cuts; and now, it's the always drama-filled Group Night. "I think some claws are going to come out tonight," one of the contestants says.

Quirky Kez Ban tells her group, "The only song I want and I will fight to the death for it is 'California Dreaming.' " She's goofy, keeps trying to persuade...

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Quirky Kez Ban, young Briana Oakley, countrified Rachel Hale, Isabelle and Janelle Arthur, poppy Angela Miller, soulful Victoria Acosta advance on 'American Idol'

The women contestants are up as "American Idol" Hollywood Week chugs on. They're in lines of 10 and sing short solos; Mariah Pulice, who's battled anorexia, up first.

She's followed by Angela Miller, who has a pop look. Finally there's Victoria Acosta, who sings in mariachi bands but busts out with a soulful "Killing Me Softly." All three were good and deserve to move...

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Matheus Fernandes, Curtis Finch and Lazaros Arbos move on, Frankie Ford melts down on 'American Idol'

"American Idol" Hollywood Week: Drama and desperation escalate

(Credit: Fox)

Matheus Fernandes, Curtis Finch and Lazaros Arbos starred as "American Idol" changed the rules for Hollywood round this year -- segregating the guys and women -- but gave us the usual mix of inspired group songs, meltdowns and surprise cuts that make this round so compelling to watch.

Below's how I ranked the groups; put in your own thoughts in the comments, below.

1) Matheus...

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Lazaro Arbos, Papa Peachez move on; Frankie Ford melts down on 'American Idol'

Burnell Taylor and Tony Foster's group doing "Some Kind of Wonderful" next on "American Idol" — inspired song choice, fits their voices and personalities well; they've all got a throwback aspect to their look, too. Both make it on, their other two group members get cut.

Lazaro Arbos' group next, doing "Wouldn't It Be Nice." Good song choice, all of them have smooth...

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Gurpreet Singh Sarin's group advances on 'American Idol' despite 'brutal' performance

Micah Johnson's group up next on "American Idol," doing "Hold On I'm Comin'" -- they only show us a few seconds, but they're good and get through easily. Likewise, Nate Tao and Elijah Liu's group, all in leather jackets, are simply sweet with "Some Kind of Wonderful," and all are through easily.

Gurpreet Singh Sarin's group is doing "Payphone,"...

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