And finally ... Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen in their game day Bud Light ad, released Wednesday morning.

The through line: Amy and Seth are forming a “beer” caucus, traveling the country on the basis of a single platform — beer. Or maybe on the basis of Paul Rudd. That’s a possibility, too (He also stars.)

“They say we agree on everything,” declaims Seth.

“We agree on a lot,” proclaims Amy.

“Everyone loves Paul Rudd!”

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This non sequitur then leads to a shot of Rudd, courtside at some NBA game. Close-in shot and ... Cue surprised look on Rudd’s face.

Then it all gets a little, ahem, racy: This is Seth and Amy after all ...

There are a few snickers over a word that millions of teen boys have discovered mirth in for decades -- “caucus!” -- And a couple more plays off said word.

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Then, Rogen quotes some lines from “Independence Day,” and ... it’s a wrap.

Will this sell beer? Beats me. Fourteen-year-old boys will at least get a laugh.