WHAT IT’S ABOUT Jane Lynch is this show’s star, title character and co-executive producer. That’s her head plopped atop the cherub in the series logo. And her on-screen guiding spirit is equally inescapable. Arriving unannounced one day to “improve” the life of co-star Maggie Lawson’s character, she prods the uptight young dermatologist to live life fuller — by which she means downing margaritas while chit-chatting about “degrading role play.”

Stalker? Nut job? Or the guardian angel she claims to be?

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If Lynch’s “Glee” cheer coach seemed controlling, her new oddball is an exuberant steamroller of unsought advice, not to mention a fusillade confessor of everything from drunken driving arrests to being “banned from Instagram for creating the hashtag #bodypartordelimeat.” The eccentricity onslaught extends to nonverbal quirks — magic tricks, clown makeup, her ubiquitous flask of crème de menthe.

MY SAY Through the first two episodes, Lawson’s blindsided babe is reduced to a lot of putting-up-with — not that she isn’t good at that. (Witness her work on “Psych” and James Caan’s “Back in the Game” sitcom.) There isn’t much left for Kevin Pollak’s derm partner/dad and Kyle Bornheimer’s live-in brother. But theytalktoofast doing it.

Lynch can be as goofy-delightful here as in the ensembles of “Party Down” and “Glee.” But she’s all over everything, all the time, in a show that just won’t let up.

BOTTOM LINE The title’s third word begins to feel apt.