With “Bachelor in Paradise” returning Monday, Aug. 14, here’s a look at five other “Paradise” shows:

ADVENTURES IN PARADISE (1959-62) Created by James A. Michener, this series starred heartthrob Gardner McKay as a Korean War veteran who now captained a schooner in the South Pacific searching for adventure.

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ALOHA PARADISE (1981) Short-lived comedy anthology modeled on “The Love Boat” that starred Debbie Reynolds as the manager of the Paradise Village resort in Hawaii.

PARADISE (retitled “Guns of Paradise” in its final season) (1988-91) Lee Horsley starred in this drama as a gunfighter in the mining town of Paradise, California, during the 1890s, who took charge of his dying sister’s four children.

PARADISE HOTEL (2003, 2008) In this early reality show, six single men and six single women lived it up in an ultraposh resort; each week one was voted off and replaced by a new guest.

THUNDER IN PARADISE (1993-94) Hulk Hogan and Chris Lemmon starred in this syndicated action series as two ex-Navy SEALs now working as Florida-based mercenaries. (“Thunder” was the name of their high-tech boat.)