Barbara Walters will undergo heart surgery later this week. Here's her statement, and check out what she said on the air. Heart valve surgery . . .serious certainly, but one assumes Babs will be just fine and be back on the air soon...

 How long?

 On the air, she said this: "Since the summer is coming up, we have a little time off in July, a hiatus in August, so I thought this is the time to do it and I can come roaring back  when we come back on the air in September. "

 The statement:

You know how healthy I have been -- never missed a day’s work. Later this  week, I am going to have surgery to replace one faulty heart valve. Lots  of people have done this. I have known of this condition for a while now and  my doctors and I have decided that this is the best time to do the  surgery. Since the summer is coming up, I can take a nice vacation.

Earlier this morning, I told my wonderful pals here, as I am now  telling you, and it will be a surprise to many friends. But I thought it best  not to talk about it too far in advance. I love you all.”   

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